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Appending Sparkline through a JOIN


Good morning!

I'm about to dive into the JS on this to discover how its rendered but in the meantime I thought I'd throw it out here to see if anyone else has come across this..

Imagine a pretty basic search, all I'm doing is pulling back blocked events, no transactions or any funny business.. then I have a brainwave and decide to append a sparkline of blocked events for the same queue. This way I get a timestamp of the most recent block event with a mini timeline of previous blockages...

However, the sparkline is generated in a subsearch (within a join command) and when its passed back it isn't being rendered as a sparkline but instead as the markup for it.

Screenshot below, if anyone has come across this I'd be interested to know, otherwise I guess its just a bug/limitation of sparkline at the moment.

alt text

EDIT: Its worth pointing out that this does work if you reverse it and generate the sparkline first and then append the _time, but I'm interested in the problem now 🙂

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I saw a different situation where a sparkline was being displayed as its text markup rather than as a graphic. In my case it turned out that the sparkline field had ceased to be a multi-valued field. You can make it multi-valued again by appending this to the end of your search (or at least after the join):

| makemv delim="," setsv=true sparkline

As I said, the situation where I saw the problem was completely different to yours, so maybe this won't solve your case, but it worked for me.

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We just upgraded to 7.x. It appears that they resolved the rendering issue as I no longer need to use the |makev * solution.

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For us it seems 7.1 has broken the |makemv solution, and removing it doesn't help. I cannot get the sparkline to render if it is in the second part of the join. I was able to work around it by switching the order and having the sparkline before the join.

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I had the same issue in 7.1.2, removing setsv=true fixed it for me


I can confirm that if you remove setsv=true it will fix this issue

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Same problem here with Splunk 7.1.1

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Works great. Thanks!

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Very good.
I ran to my well.
Thank you very much!

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Situation same as on OP's screenshot -- after join of savedsearch with sparklines, got a column of raw data. Solution worked.

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This did work to correct the sparkline rendering for my search that involved "| join"

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