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Adding an second identical column and field to Splunk table

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In order to coincide with an excel spreadsheet, I was hoping that Splunk table can provide two columns that our identical but listed with data at the beginning and the middle of the table sheet. Is there a way to have the same field name column more than once?

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Two answers in one: No, it can't but you can make humans think it did.

The run anywhere sample code looks like this ...

 | makeresults 
 | eval george = "first one" 
 | eval frank = "second one" 
 | rename frank as " george" 
 | table _time george " george"

... with the resulting output...

 _time                george      george 
 2017-06-18 23:07:44  first one  second one  

You can also just change the capitalization rather than including invisible spaces in the field name. Humans will disregard the difference.

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I don't believe you can have the same field name. The closest you could do is different capitalization or adding a special character to it.

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