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Adding a totals row to a table

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Hi all,

So I have a search that i have saved as a report that looks like this when it completes

Group           Bundle             Installs        MM     Total_Installs     Totals_MM
1                  1a                 3            50           10               80  
                   2a                 2            20      
                   3a                 5            10

and i would like to have something like this

     Group           Bundle             Installs        MM     
      1                1a                  3            50                        
                       2a                  2            20      
                       3a                  5            10

     Group_1_Totals                       10            80

Is this Possible in spunk?

Thank you.

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Re: Adding a totals row to a table


Exceedingly simple:

{your search} | addcoltotals

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