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Accelerated data model returning partial results when using summariesonly=true

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Hello everybody, I see a strange behaviour with data model acceleration.

I have a data model accelerated over 3 months. According to internal logs, scheduled acceleration searches are not skipped and they complete providing results.

However if I run a tstats search over last month with “summariesonly=true”, I do not get any values back; if I run the same tstats search with “summariesonly=false”, I do get expected results. Again, if I run the tstats search over the last 90 days with "summariesonly=true", I get some values back.

Have you ever faced a similar situation? Could this depend upon the small number of events, thus upon buckets not rolled yet?

Please not that this does not look like a generic "recent data not yet summarised" issue, because:

  • acceleration searches complete with success every 5 minutes;
  • data model summary is 100% built;
  • I am missing data at least from the last month.

Thank you for your support!

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Hello, some updates.

I focused on a short time window for a specific dataset and I found out that accelerated searches ("tstats", "from datamodel" and "datamodel") return 4 events.

On the other hand, raw searches, built both from datamodel definition and using "| datamodel flat_string", return 11 events in the same time window.

The really strange thing is that the acceleration search, executed on the same time window, returns 11 events. I retrieved the acceleration search with "| datamodel accelerationsearchstring" and I executed it with a filter on "nodename=".

It looks like, in some way, summary indexes do not store all the expected data. Acceleration searches run every 5 minutes. Sometimes they are skipped due to concurrency limits, but their execution is later recovered.

Any clues or ideas?

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