Splunk SOAR (f.k.a. Phantom)

Phantom environment is not stable occasionally !


1) We have installed Phantom on Linux server and while executing playbooks in automation mode ,Our platform is getting hanged occasionally and stops all playbooks execution , so that we could not able to execute playbooks continuously.
2) so eventually each playbook keeps on spinning for hours and hours , at that time we are restarting "DECIDED" from System health tab , at that moment everything goes normal.

we are not sure which specific process/activity causing this behavior?

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I would also take a hard look at your existing playbooks, to see where they are failing. Might be time to optimize them further and follow best practices.

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There are a couple issues that can cause this but if your issues is repeatable, I would suggest opening a support ticket and submitting logs every time a hang like this happens. I have gone through this a couple of times now and tracking down the problems that can cause this can be challenging. There are a few fixes coming up in the next version that may resolve your problem but dont bank on that. Get a support ticket going.

BEFORE you restart:
• Collect all the logs from /var/log/phantom and /var/log/nginx
• Save the json from https:///rest/playbook_run?_filter_status="running"
• Save the json from https:///rest/action_run?_filter_status="running"
Once these are collected, you can restart and submit these files to a support ticket

Keep in mind that when phantom is restarted, all queued containers that have not been run yet and those that are currently actively running will be canceled and will not be re-queued when phantom comes back online. Its a good idea to get a script up and running to re-run all of those "lost" containers.

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thanks @phantom_mhike , we opened case with Phantom and provided debug logs , as of now they found some issue in playbook app configuration , current status is in progress

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