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How to identify the correlation search name using the Report name found in skipped searches.

We are trying to resolve the skipped searches issue. Any help would be much appreciated.




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Extract the search key (The hex string you have redacted) using either split or rex to a field called keyID substituting search_name for whatever the field is called in your data. 


| eval keyID=mvindex(split(search_name, " - "), 1)




| rex field=search_name "Indicator - (?<keyID>[^\s]+) - "



Then you can use the ITSI API endpoints to tie them to the base searches: 


| join type=left keyID 
    [| rest splunk_server=local /servicesNS/nobody/SA-ITOA/itoa_interface/kpi_base_search report_as=text 
    | eval value=spath(value,"{}") 
    | mvexpand value 
    | eval title = spath(value, "title"), keyID = spath(value, "_key"), frequency = spath(value, "alert_period") 
    | fields title, keyID, frequency ]  


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