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"ui-prefs.conf" no more working from Version 7 to Version 8.2.12


Upgrading from Version 7 to Version 8.2.12,
we noticed that the "ui-prefs.conf" is not working anymore.

Inside the /etc/user/app/local/ui-prefs.conf we have every user customization, now they are totally skipped.
Also the admin, can't change his default view type (ex. "fast/smart/verbose").

Is there a reason?
And is there a way to restore this feature?


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FACT: ui-prefs is broken! ☹️


For some strange reason, in version 8.2.12 "ui-prefs" is not managed anymore by default.
This is not much documented, as it should!!! 😠

To get rid of it, and get back with original ui management, we could try to edit a "local/web-features.conf"



optimize_ui_prefs_performance = false



But it's like playing the lottery, sometimes works, others not, with new apps not at all 🤦‍♂️


I don't think this is a good idea changing the bahaviour of UI so drastically.
Above all, it's not documented anywhere, and we had to go around the web to understand it!!!


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They did a real great mess, after 7.0, and some 8.x release
Also with false in optimize_ui_prefs_performance, i'm now on 8.2.12 version,

1) optimize_ui_prefs_performance to true destroyes all old users customization on search tab

... also with optimize_ui_prefs_performance to false,

2) new ui-prefs.conf are not created anymore, only old ui-prefs are managed
3) also etc/users/launcher/local/ui-prefs.conf to remove "Explore Splunk Enterprise" banner has gone away!
4) users can't change Alerts/Reports/Dashboards object view modality (general/owner/app), since it's defaulted and reverted back to "All" next time you load the page!!!




5) seems ui-prefs is right managed only in "app/search/search|alerts|reports|dashboards" (default search App)

This is really a great mess!!!

We have had many users complain about this poor UI management!!!


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