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qualys add-on 500 error


Hi All,

I configured the qualys add-on to receive data from a qualys cloud platform.
He worked  fine but today we didn't receive any event from qualys and on the internal logs we found this message.

TA-QualysCloudPlatform (ioc_events): 2021-04-08 14:04:08 PID=12050 [MainThread] ERROR: Unsuccessful while calling API [500 : Internal Server Error]. Retrying after 300 seconds: 

someone can help me?

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Hi @aasabatini,

Do you have more info in log? I had a similar message and I had to modify a time parameter in the POST that performs the script.

Kind regards

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Hi @cmorenobuitrago 


I understood if the qualys server receive a lot of requests it can block and start to send 500 server error.

I resolved the issue filtering the requests here on the qualys add on settings



delete and create the inputs again, restart the splunk server and should works.

hope can help


“The answer is out there, Neo, and it’s looking for you, and it will find you if you want it to.”
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