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how to write eval inside tstats command?



we want to combined two fields by using eval inside the tstats where clause search. Please see my search below

| tstats latest(result._time) as _time ,values(result.relational_correlationId) as relational_correlationId,values(result.tracePoint) as tracePoint,values(result.timestamp) as timestamp,values(result.content.businessFields{}.key) as content.businessFields{}.key,values(result.content.businessFields{}.value) as content.businessFields{}.value where index="hec_example1" by result.environment,result.businessGroup,result.appName,result.interfaceName,result.correlationId |rename result.environment as environment,result.businessGroup as businessGroup,result.appName as appName,result.interfaceName as interfaceName,result.correlationId as correlationId| table _time,environment,businessGroup,appName,interfaceName,tracePoint,timestamp,correlationId,content.businessFields{}.key,content.businessFields{}.value


Please help me on this.

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I believe tstats does not support eval.
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