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how to enable tcp data input in index cluster and how to configure client to forward the data?


I have a indexer cluster and When I enable tcp data input

How can I ask Master to receive the input?
right now in client conf I am specifying one indexer ip:port but I don't see any replication for the data received.

Any help will be appreciated.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

repFactor = |auto
* Only relevant if this instance is a clustering slave (but see note about
"auto" below).
* See server.conf spec for details on clustering configuration.
* Value of 0 turns off replication for this index.
* If set to "auto", slave will use whatever value the master has.
* Highest legal value is 4294967295
* Defaults to 0.


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@jwelch thanks for answering. repFactor = |auto helps to replicate the index. but still on client I am not able to specify the master host/port so it will send the data to master and it internally load balance it.

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