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Why is Save ID not working in Splunk?

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In the above figure, I save the test results using a save ID and then I get a list of ID's like the one below.


But when I click on 'save new test', it doesn't work.

I have the same code on the test site as well where it works as usual.

A sample xml code is provided as well.

<panel depends="$host_token$">
<title>Save Test</title>
<!--When button is pressed the the token execute_save_test is set up with a outputlookup at the end, this is used later on to push the data back into the lookup in order-->
<input type="text" token="save_test_name_token" searchWhenChanged="true">
<input type="text" token="save_test_comments" searchWhenChanged="true">
<input type="dropdown" token="save_test_status" searchWhenChanged="true">
<label>Mark test as gold, bad test or ordinary</label>
<choice value="ORDINARY">ORDINARY</choice>
<choice value="GOLD">GOLD</choice>
<choice value="BAD TEST">BAD TEST</choice>
<button class="btn" data-token-json="{&quot;execute_save_test&quot;:&quot;| eventstats max(ID) as max_ID | eval ID = if(isnull(ID),max_ID + 1,ID) | fields - max_ID | dedup ID | outputlookup Saved_Tests.csv&quot;}">Save new test</button>
<html depends="$saved_test_id$">
<button class="btn" data-token-json="{&quot;execute_save_test&quot;:&quot;| eval ID = if(isnull(ID),$saved_test_id$,ID) | dedup ID | outputlookup Saved_Tests.csv&quot;}">Update current test (ID: $saved_test_id$)</button>


Could someone please advise what has gone wrong?






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