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Why are there Issues when upgrading from 8.1.2 to 8.2.7?

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Hello Splunkers!!

We are upgrading one of our environments from Splunk 8.2.1 to Splunk 8.2.7.

When I upgraded and checked 'Monitoring Console', 'Summary' and 'Health Check' are not showing on the menu bar anymore. 

Did I miss anything?

How do I fix these issues? 

I appreciate your work will be provided. 


PS. same issue when we upgraded to

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Howdy - just upgraded from to 8.2.7 today and have the same issue. The Summary screen is just blank and the Health Check is stuck on "Loading...".

Anyone find a resolution yet?

Thanks so much!

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Hello @swellerrific . No solutions up to this point, and nothing in the release notes or in the known issues. The only workaround at this point is upgrading / staying at version , which for now seems to be stable.

Still waiting for a feedback/solution on 8.2.7 issues.


Hello @WildHuckleberry  Did you by any chance find a solution to this issue? We are also having the same problem, and could not find the root cause.  

Could it be that we are the only ones that upgraded to 8.2.7 instead of 9.0 and got this "bug"?

Thank you!

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Hello, @N3astY . I could not find the solution yet 😞 

I see a couple of sites that had the same problem when they upgraded to 8.2.7, so assume that this is the issue with 8.2.7.


Hello together, 

we have the same issue after our upgrade.


Tobias Gövert

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