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What splunk precedence rules should be followed to upgrade splunk clustered environment ?


Hi All,

we wanted to upgrade Splunk Enterprise clustered environment from 8.2.2  version to 8.2.6 and have this question running in my mind what splunk precedence rules should be followed to upgrade splunk clustered environment.  

Can anyone guide me on what order should we need to upgrade the splunk instances.

Sequence of order 

1) Cluster Master

2) Indexer Peers

3) Search head captain 

4) Search peers

5) Deployer 

6) Deployment Server 

7) Heavy Forwarders

😎 UF 

Back-up SPLUNK_HOME/etc. 

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hi @Hemnaath,

1) Upgrade Cluster Manager node

2) Enable the maintenance mode on the Cluster Manager node

2) Upgrade all search head nodes

3) Upgrade all search peer (indexers) nodes

4) Disable maintenance mode on the Cluster Manager node

5) Upgrade the Deployer server

6) Upgrade the Deployment Server 

7) Upgrade the Heavy Forwarders and UFs

Back up $SPLUNK_HOME/etc before upgrading Splunk on any node.

Also, Splunk strongly recommends completing the entire upgrade process quickly, to avoid any possibility of incompatibilities between node types running different versions.

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