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Using condition setting the status

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I am trying to achive a logic for below scenario , but getting conflict ..


id start_time end_time  Ov_status value value_status
xyz.123 2020-07-22   Inprogress myvalue Failed
xyz.123 2020-07-22 2020-07-22 completed yourval Completed
abc.321 2020-07-22   Inprogress isval Inprogress


Here i have used below case statement to get Ov_status

| eval Ov_status=case(isnotnull(start_time) AND isnull(end_time ),"Inprogress",isnotnull(start_time) AND isnotnull(end_time ),"completed")

Now i want if value_status is failed for any value of id(xyz.123) the Ov_status should reset to failed

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@vikashperiwal Based on your question seems like only if value_status in your data is already failed you want to use that value for deriving Overall Status. For other value_status, the Overall Status is determined based on whether you have End Date present in data or not. So try the following eval:


| eventstats values(value_status) as status_values by id
| eval Ov_status=case(status_values=="Failed","Failed",
    isnotnull(start_time) AND isnull(end_time ),"Inprogress",
    isnotnull(start_time) AND isnotnull(end_time ),"Completed",


 Following is a run anywhere example based on the details provided:


| makeresults 
| eval data="xyz.123 2020-07-22 Failed -;xyz.123 2020-07-22 Completed 2020-07-22;abc.321 2020-07-22 Inprogress -;" 
| makemv data delim=";" 
| mvexpand data 
| makemv data delim=" " 
| eval id=mvindex(data,0), start_time=mvindex(data,1), value_status=mvindex(data,2), end_time=mvindex(data,3) 
| eval end_time=case(end_time!="-",end_time) 
| table id start_time end_time value_status 
| eventstats values(value_status) as status_values by id
| eval Ov_status=case(match(status_values,"Failed"),"Failed",
    isnotnull(start_time) AND isnull(end_time ),"Inprogress",
    isnotnull(start_time) AND isnotnull(end_time ),"Completed",


| makeresults | eval message= "Happy Splunking!!!"
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How about this:

| eval Ov_status=case(id="xyz.123" AND value_status="Failed","Failed", isnotnull(start_time) AND isnull(end_time ),"Inprogress",isnotnull(start_time) AND isnotnull(end_time ),"completed")
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Thanks for the response..

Here the the ID is dynamic , i may have 100 of ID"s and each id is associated with some values and each value has a status called value status.

If my value status is failed i need to make my overall status f field for all the values present is that I'd...

I was thnking of some thing below

|eval Ov_status= if(value_status=="failed" OR value_status=="Inprogress" or value_status=="completed", "failed",Ov_status)..

But above condition  is making all my Ov_status to failed irrespective of checking ID

I want to filter by ID

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