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Upload Error - "Cannot connect to proxy. Error - Tunnel Connection Failed: 307 Moved Temporarily"

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When I attempt to upload a file via "Add Data > Upload" I receive the proxy error below. This is a local Splunk Light install and I'm trying to upload/monitor files that are stored on my local machine. I'm confused why it's even checking the proxy. I also attempted to setup the file/folder monitor and that didn't pull in any data either so I'm not sure if the same error may be impacting all file collection activity.

      **('Cannot connect to proxy.', error('Tunnel connection failed: 307 Moved Temporarily',))**

I've researched this quite a bit and am able to find documentation on OTHER proxy related errors but have yet to find anything on this specific error or a resolution. Is anyone familiar with this error or have solution?

I've seen some discussion around the no_proxy setting in server.conf but that didn't seem to work (unless there are other steps besides adding the entry).

Anyone familiar with this error or have a solution? This is one of those things I expected to just work out of the box and am totally perplexed by the fact it's been a complete blocker out the gate.

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