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Upgrading Splunk Enterprise and Universal Forwarders

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Hello All,

I am looking for assistance with upgrading a single Splunk Enterprise Windows server (no cluster) that is running v6.1.3 and several Splunk Universal Forwarders running v5.02 (Windows) and v6.2.6 (Linux).

Based on my research, it looks like I would need to upgrade the Enterprise server and Universal Forwarders via the following path: Current Version -> 6.5 -> 7.2 -> 8.1

I found the following article which gives the impression that an upgrade from a version as old 6.6.x is possible:


However, I have been unable to locate any downloads for versions older than 7.2.0.

What are my options here?  Am I out of luck?

Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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Contact Splunk support and ask if they can provide links to the older interim versions.

Try to stay more up-to-date after this upgrade so you save yourself this pain.

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