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Search Head Cluster - CPU spike and Risk datamodel changes?

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I have noticed over the last 4 days I had an increased number of Search Bundle replication errors:

12-21-2023 09:50:12.604 +0000 WARN ConfReplicationThread [9209 ConfReplicationThread] - Error pushing configurations to captain=https://searchHeadCaptain:8089, consecutiveErrors=1 msg="Error in acceptPush: Non-200 status_code=400: ConfReplicationException: Cannot accept push with outdated_baseline_op_id=16ed9160640170315673324237791a4cfe256d59; current_baseline_op_id=cd93950208af34df00957e721b87128d3629d2d1"

These occur in groups every 4 hours. I have also seen CPU spikes on the Search Heads that started occuring at the same time and also every 4 hours.

Further investigation has shown that the following events from conf.log have also been occuring at the same time every 4 hours

{ [-]  
   component: ConfOp
   data: { [-]
     applied_at: 1703264397
     asset_id: 220d8bbce6d790850cda3980c5784c62b1a9f9ff
     asset_uri: [ [+]

     from_repo: https://searchHeadCaptain:8089
     op_id: 102aa206f930da5eef0d47163b354c61254566c5
     optype: 2
     optype_desc: WRITE_STANZA
     payload: { [-]
       alias: Risk
       metadata: { [-]
         permissions: { [-]


       value: ***TRANSIENT***://6613

     payload_extra: ***ALLOW_SKIP_ON_WRITE***
     status: applied
     task: pullFrom
     to_repo: https://searchHeadPeer.com:8089
     to_repo_change_count: 20214

   datetime: 12-22-2023 16:59:57.097 +0000
   log_level: INFO


Does anyone know what these events mean and how I can find out what is causing them?

Bundle replication errors:



conf.log events:



CPU spikes:



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@a_kearney -

  • How many Search heads do you have in a cluster?
  • Are any cluster members down?
  • In recent incidents of cluster members being down?
  • Are you also seeing "Consider a lower value of conf_replication_max_push_count" warning messages in your logs??

Usually "consecutiveErrors=1" isn't bad, unlike in your situation it happens a lot, which is concerning.


I hope this helps!!! Kindly upvote if it does!!!

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