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Good day everyone,


Is there a way to query the status/availability of a server and visualize it? because you cannot use logs on a server because once it's down then it will be useless and wont be giving you data, so whatever i need to do it has to be on splunk side.

Thank you in advance.

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Yes I heard that i could use lookup also, how can i implement the lookup to do this? and i would want it to be instant to like let me know in a minute or seconds

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Hi @sphiwee,

Yeah, it's hard to splunk data that's not there 🙂
So you want to detect hosts that do not send data anymore but should send, right?

A common way is to use a lookup table that has all the hosts in your environment and to compare the hosts that send data with the ones from the lookup. That way you see the hosts that are not sending anymore.

Or you could compare for example the hosts that sent data during the last 7 days with the ones that sent data today/yesterday.

Hope that gives you a direction.

Karma and/or Solution tagging appreciated.

Karma and/or Solution tagging appreciated.
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