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Help with splunk query to alert server status from down to up?

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Hi All,

I have created an alert which checks the status of the server and if it down, then alert will be triggered. 

index=performance host=hostname1  source!=sar status!=UP | dedup hostname | table hostname status

Sample Event:
2023-05-10 17:50:18 hostname1 server is DOWN
2023-05-10 17:55:18 hostname2 server is DOWN

Now, I want to create an alert whenever the status changes from DOWN to UP.
Can someone help with query?


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Your requirement is a bit loose.

What you could do is write the current state to a summary index or lookup store and every time you check the status, you compare it to the previous value you saved, then trigger your alert if the status changes.

Alternatively, you could check every 5 minutes looking back say 10 minutes and check whether there is an earlier state that was DOWN and a later state that is UP

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