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Lookup Editor 4.0.1 - New UI changes difficult to use?

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Hi good people,

Is it just me or has the new Lookup Editor 4.0.1 UI become super annoying to use.

First the centering of the data in every cell is problematic if you want to compare with other rows.
Should have stayed as left aligned in my opinion like every other spreadsheet.
If you change the width of a column, it will collapse as soon as you edit a cell.
Overall it is much slower than earlier versions.
Only remedy is to export, edit and import again.
Might be a small issue if you do not work with lookups, but if you like me do, it is really hair pulling.

What are your thoughts? 


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I actual started out by creating a case with splunk about the issues, but they said it was an intentional design choice to address issues with long text. Make no sense to me but what can I do. So had to move to ideas, where I have already created this idea https://ideas.splunk.com/ideas/APPSID-I-746 

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Hi @auradk,

i agree with you on all the isseu you listed.

The only way is to insert this requirement in Splunk Ideas (https://ideas.splunk.com/) or viewing the exister ones voting for the feature that you wuold have.



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