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I work for a utility company and, among many things, we have an index for some environmental and system totals. This index is used to to compute yesterday's sales and compare to same day last year, we also do some calculations for one year to date compared to previous year to date. This means that the dashboards may access events two years old. The data is a single event per day, going back to 1995. After loading the data (Which is via DB Connect, from SQL table) everything is great for a while and then one day the data up until about 18 months ago is gone. I am guessing it is being rolled to frozen via some kind of default. What setting should I use to keep all the data in the index and searchable? 

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Splunk data can retired either based on age or total size of index. Check the corresponding settings for your index in question. See this Splunk doc for reference.


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Please clarify.  Is the data in an index or in a SQL table?  What day did the data disappear?  What are the indexes.conf settings for the index?  How much data is in the index before it starts to disappear?

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