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How to parse the ip_address out of the raw event?

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Hi everyone!

Since I've never done | rex command, I would like to parse the ip_address out of the raw event using rex command.

The event is: org.apache.sor.client.soj.impl.HttpSorClient$Exception: Error from server at https://pimcv.sps.g:443/sor: Failed handshake due to exhausted 12 seconds timeout on channel [id: 0x2c132bc6, L:/ - R:/].

Can somebody help do this please!

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Sorry for that, the IP address I want to extract is the ipR:/

Thanks richgalloway!

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You don't say which IP address you want to extract so this regex should get both of them.

| rex "L:\/(?<ipL>[^:]+)\s-\sR:\/(?<ipR>[^:]+)"

It looks for the "L:/" eyecatcher and puts everything up to the next colon (:) into field "ipL" then it does the same thing with "R:/".

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