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How to create table from two different system logs basis on some condition

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we have two system logs:

1.   "Exception in fetching FR response for warehouse published with BusinessKey=XYZ"

2.  "Sucessfully extract data for BusinessKeyValue='XYZ' "

i just want to  create table   [Time of log of First System , Time of Second System ] 

where BusinessKey==BusinessKeyValue

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It's not clear what the results should look like so you may need to modify this query.

(index=foo "Exception in fetching FR response for warehouse published with BusinessKey=*") OR (index=bar "Sucessfully extract data for BusinessKeyValue=*")
| eval key=coalesce(BusinessKey, BusinessKeyValue)
| eval firstTime=if(searchmatch("Exception in fetching FR response"),_time,NULL), secondTime=if(searchmatch("Sucessfully extract data"), _time, NULL)
| stats min(firstTime) as "Time of log of First System", min(secondTime) as "Time of Second System" by key

The coalesce function is used to produce a field common to both events since they don't share a field name.  The stats command combines events based on their shared "key" field value.

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