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Frequent disk usage alerts on one of splunk gateway hf on mnt_splunkbkp mount point

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we have splunk gateway hf that sends alerts for diskusage if more then 80% we get this alert triggered more frequently in order to resolve this issue we need to clear the space on mount point /mnt/spk_fwdbck and this mount point has folder and subfolders like from last 3 years and has subfolders like 

acs5x apc blackhole bpe cisco-ios oops paloalto pan_dc vpn windows unix threatgrid pan-ext ise ironport firewall f5gtmext f5-asm-tcp

can this folders are safe to delete based on the year 2020 to 2023? can we delete complete previous years logs like 2020 if so does it effect anything. Trying to understad this concept. please help.

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