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I am having some authentication issue.  If I run Splunk command in the Command Prompt, I was able to logon as admin.  However, when I tried to logon as admin through the web UI, it failed to authenticate.  Also, I am not able to logon using my AD account neither.   I tried resetting admin password and new password worked in Command Prompt, but not Web UI.

When I looked at the splunkd.log file, I noticed that it has always tried to forward the username (even admin) to LDAP server and then failed saying invalid username.  I haven't changed LDAP settings or AD group name or reset the AD account used to bind LDAP (the account is not locked).  

Any idea how to fix this issue?


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Have you tried to force the use of Splunk's local authentication? You can do that using the "?loginType=splunk" after the "/login". Example: https://SPLUNK:8000/en-US/account/login?loginType=splunk

Maybe using this endpoint you will be able to login with your admin user.


I tried to force using local admin but it will just clear the username and password fields and nothing happened.  If I enter the wrong password, then it said "invalid password".  Any other clues?  Could changing the NTFS permission on the Splunk caused this issue?

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Sorry, I meant Splunk folder.  There is a STIG setting that locks down the permission for Splunk folder.

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