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Add CPU cores and changing limits.conf ?

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I will be adding CPU cores to my search head (virtual). After I have added the cores, do I need to manually update limits.conf? Currently at 8 cores, going to 12 or 16. limilts.conf is currently using defaults.

# The base number of concurrent searches.
base_max_searches = 6

# Max real-time searches = max_rt_search_multiplier x max historical searches.
max_rt_search_multiplier = 1

# The maximum number of concurrent searches per CPU.
max_searches_per_cpu = 1

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Hi @mikefg,

You don't need to change these parameters, max concurrent search number is calculated dynamically using below formula. When you add cpu Splunk will take new number of PCU count and 

Maximum number of concurrent historical searches = (max_searches_per_cpu * number of CPU) + base_max_searches


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If this reply helps you an upvote is appreciated.
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