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ThreatQuotient Integration With Splunk ES App

Hello All,

I am currently working on integration of Threatquotient feed to Splunk.

I am successful in getting the threat indicators to splunk lookup file using ThreatQuotient for Splunk app.

However i am looking at various options to integrate the indicators collected in the lookup file "threatq" with Splunk ES app so that the threat activity dashboard populates based on threatq indicators as well.

i have followed steps provided in the below link, although i am successful in writing the indicators to threat intelligence dashboard , still the above mentioned problems of threat indicators not being displayed in threat activity and threat artifacts dashboards remains.

Anyone else have added custom threat feed to index=threat_activity and get the threat activity details in dashboards?



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Could someone point me to ThreatQuotient integration with Splunk. Specifically when Splunk is deployed in different location than ThreatQuotient.


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TQ does not support Splunk ES. You need to make an integration layer that breaks their threatq kvstore table into an ES friendly intel table and tell ES to consume that.

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