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Splunk ES app installation Error


My Enterprise Splunk version is 7.3.2 and ES app version which i tried installing is 6.1.1.

After ES app installation and splunk server restart , i see the following error when i proceed to setup page

"Installer was unable to start. Error in 'essinstall' command: External search command exited unexpectedly with non-zero error code 1."

I understand it is due to version compatibility issue between ES and Entreprise Splunk in one of the Splunk answers


But in the app page 7.3 are 8.0 is mentioned as compatible version. Please help if any one has faced this issue. TIA

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You're trying to install a version, which is not compatible with 7.3.X, although it says on the splunkbase page. The compatible version is 6.0.1.

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ES 6.1.x requires Splunk 8.

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