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Splunk Add-on for Cisco ASA: Will dropping "Built" events have any impact on Splunk Enterprise Security dashboards?


Hi All,

Just getting the community consensus here. Cisco ASA log events for Built and Teardown essentially contain the same information

The Cisco ASA TA does the following for each type of event

  1. Extracts standard fields
  2. Extracts direction
  3. swaps around src and dest fields for Outbound connections


  1. Extracts standard fields
  2. Extracts bytes and duration

Now, is direction really that relevant as it can be inferred from the src and dest fields?

The rest of the fields are pretty much replicated between the two types of events.

Which brings me to my main question: Will dropping "Built" events have any impact on Splunk Enterprise Security dashboards?

It would essentially halve the traffic ingested into Splunk for the firewall.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

To answer this question, you can use Search -> Pivot to look at the data models in question. Network Traffic and maybe Network Sessions are the most likely to be interesting. Limit to the sourcetypes in question and a reasonable timeframe, then add the fields you're concerned about. If it shows up in a data model, then ES cares about it. If it doesn't, it doesn't.

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