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Playbook Having Issues executing



For some reason none of my playbooks finish executing. They simply stay in a loop

Even if it is a simple test like:

Start--> Check if 1==1 --> End

This stays in loop (In GUI the playbook shows spinning icon next to it forever. No debug logs are generated)forever when run against any incidences/events. Any idea why?

This was created via GUI tool. Here's corresponding auto generated python code


import phantom.rules as phantom
import json
from datetime import datetime, timedelta

def on_start(container):
phantom.debug('on_start() called')

# call 'filter_1' block


def filter_1(action=None, success=None, container=None, results=None, handle=None, filtered_artifacts=None, filtered_results=None):
phantom.debug('filter_1() called')

# collect filtered artifact ids for 'if' condition 1
matched_artifacts_1, matched_results_1 = phantom.condition(
        ["1", "==", "1"],

# call connected blocks if filtered artifacts or results
if matched_artifacts_1 or matched_results_1:


def on_finish(container, summary):
phantom.debug('on_finish() called')
# This function is called after all actions are completed.
# summary of all the action and/or all detals of actions
# can be collected here.

# summary_json = phantom.get_summary()
# if 'result' in summary_json:
    # for action_result in summary_json['result']:
        # if 'action_run_id' in action_result:
            # action_results = phantom.get_action_results(action_run_id=action_result['action_run_id'], result_data=False, flatten=False)
            # phantom.debug(action_results)

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Any Guesses?

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