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So I'm sorry if this is a rather stupid question, but I have been thrown into creating a dashboard and I've only taken a couple virtual courses on Splunk and I don't remember this being covered. I know how to create dashboards from searches, however I need to create a dashboard from something I'm pulling up through the incident review search, or if I group the events into an investigation create a dashboard from those results. 

Alternatively, is there a way to figure out exactly what the search string of the index review is using, as if there is I would know how to go from there, but I've tried doing searches through the indexes and sources I feel are most commonly used and I can't get the results I get in incident review.

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I assume you're talking about Enterprise Security.

There are a couple of starting points.  The `notable` macro will give you notable events from the index.


 Also if you look in the Security Posture dashboard, you will see the 'Top Notable Events' panel, which has a search you can expand to see where the data is coming from.

Note that the notable macro will take data from the notable index, whereas the es_notable_events takes data from the es_notable_events lookup file.

You can always see what a search containing a macro expands to by pressing Ctrl-Shift-E or Cmd-Shift-E (Mac) and it shows what the full expanded search looks like with no macros.

Hope this gets you started.


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