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In Splunk Enterprise Security, how do you search for matching events between two groups of IP addresses?

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I am trying to search for events that contain one IP from each of the two groups of IP addresses. For instance:

index=main sourcetype=* | 
search ("" OR "" OR "" OR "" OR "") AND
("" OR "" OR "" OR "")

I am not specifying the source type or fields because I also want to search through multiple source types.

I couldn't find an answer similar to this issue. I also looked at subsearches, but didn't see how they would solve this.

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index=main sourcetype=* | lookup ips AS ips OUTPUT ips1 ips2 | mvexpand ips1 ips2 | stats values(_raw) count DC(ips) AS dc by ips1,ips2 | where dc==1

I can't test it since you don't have logs.

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is it possible for you to share some sample data and sample output of what you're looking for? scrubbed of pii/phi?

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Negative. Company policy.

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