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HowTo deploy a set of correlation search within new app to different Splunk ES


Hello everyone,

i have a set of correlation search (about 250) to deploy in different Splunk ES.

Instead of writing them one by one in every Splunk, i would create an application with all those correlation search and later deploy it to the Splunk.

It is sufficient to popolate savedsearch.conf file with one stanza per correlation search?

Thanks in advance,




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That's the general idea, but may not be enough.  If any of the searches use macros, or lookups then you'll also need to populate macros.conf, or transforms.conf.  Datamodels require a bit more effort to transfer.

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most of the correlation searches relies on Data Model, but they are all implemented in the various Splunk.

Of course, those correlation searches will be able to generate notable within their native action, that's right?

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