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How do you create a correlation search in Splunk Enterprise from a simple search of an index?

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I have a simple search alert such as (index=A src_user=userA) which uses lookup tables to filter data. I'd like these alerts to create notable events of a specific type, and automatically get assigned to someone. It appears as though the only way to customize notable event information like this is with a correlation search.

Is there a way to use a simple search, such as above, as a correlation search to be able to utilize the advanced settings for a notable event? I have created a version of this search with a data model to use it as a correlation search, but it is extremely slow compared to the simple search equivalent.


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Ideally the process is

1. In ES ==> ES ==> Configure ==> Content Mgmt ==> Create New Content ==> Correlation Searches ==> New Correlation search.
2. Add your code in the search sections and fill up the rest of the fields.
3. Add notable action and save it.

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