Splunk Enterprise Security

How do I combine tstats and InputLookup in an ES Correlation Rule


I'm looking to add an input lookup to a tstats Datamodel correlation search within Splunk Enterprise Security to tune out certain known scanning src_ips.

Existing search:
| tstats summariesonly=t count from datamodel=Intrusion_Detection.IDS_Attacks where IDS_Attacks.log_subtype=virus IDS_Attacks.action=allowed groupby IDS_Attacks.action IDS_Attacks.log_subtype IDS_Attacks.src IDS_Attacks.dest IDS_Attacks.user | rename IDS_Attacks.* AS *

How would I add an input lookup with 10 IPs that would fit into the context of this search and allow me to continue using tstats against the datamodel?

The lookup is just one column, src_ip as the header which can be edited if needed since I don't know if I have to use IDS_Attacks.src since I'm looking at datamodel fields.

Any help would be appreciated.

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