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Export the raw source files

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Is there a way to export each raw source files? 

Example of my search criteria:

 index="con1_batch" source="*/PB00E5*/log/*.log"

Top 10 Values Count %
/con7/var/batch/PB00E533/log/PB00E533.BatchEdbc.20210718031834.log 29,154 1.92%
/con7/var/batch/PB00E517/log/PB00E517.BatchEdbc.20210718031918.log 28,679 1.889%
/con7/var/batch/PB00E587/log/PB00E587.BatchEdbc.20210718031918.log 28,667 1.888%
/con7/var/batch/PB00E551/log/PB00E551.BatchEdbc.20210718031936.log 28,643 1.887%
/con7/var/batch/PB00E583/log/PB00E583.BatchEdbc.20210718031849.log 28,512 1.878%
/con7/var/batch/PB00E530/log/PB00E530.BatchEdbc.20210718031841.log 28,433 1.873%
/con7/var/batch/PB00E590/log/PB00E590.BatchEdbc.20210718032104.log 28,330 1.866%
/con7/var/batch/PB00E548/log/PB00E548.BatchEdbc.20210718031953.log 28,157 1.855%
/con7/var/batch/PB00E550/log/PB00E550.BatchEdbc.20210718031907.log 28,114 1.852%
/con7/var/batch/PB00E584/log/PB00E584.BatchEdbc.20210718031838.log 28,061 1.848%


There are 100+ source files. Can I download or export all the individual source file?

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You can export the results of any search in CSV, JSON, or XML format. Just click on the export button just below the time picker.

To limit the amount of data you pull down you can limit your search results by excluding everything but _raw. You might also want to limit the number log files in your search as well.

 index="con1_batch" source="*/PB00E5*/log/*.log" | fields + _raw |table _raw

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