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msg="A script exited abnormally" input="C:\Program Files\Splunk\bin\splunk-winprintmon.exe" stanza="default" status="exited with code -1"

I keep getting this message, any help would be great!

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

This error is occurring because Enterprise Security contains a "configuration_checker.py" modular input that attempts to alert you when misconfigurations are detected - we attempt to be proactive and alert to conditions that might be causing the application to misbehave.

In this case, the intent of the alert is to alert when a scripted input or modular input has exited abnormally. The definition of "abnormally" that we use means "exited with a non-zero exit code".

Sometimes, as in this case, this particular check backfires. The error you're seeing is benign and is occurring because the scripted inputs included with the TA-windows add-on use non-zero exit codes even when they exit successfully. This has been corrected in an upcoming version (which of course doesn't help in this instance).

If you would like to just get rid of the message, you can disable this input stanza in the Manager:

Settings --> Data Inputs --> Configuration Checker --> confcheck_script_errors

However, that would disable the exit status checking for ALL scripted and modular inputs on the system. If you'd like a more robust solution, reach out to support and mention this posting, and we can provide a small patch to the configuration_checker.py script which will deal with this in a more intelligent fashion - with the caveat that it wouldn't persist beyond an upgrade.


We are having this issue as well. Thanks for to clear answer to this problem. We will get a case open with support about it.

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