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Detected deprecated Threat Intelligence Manager inputs- Do I have to completely remove the inputs?

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I am recieving the following warning on my alerts:

Health Check: Detected deprecated Threat Intelligence Manager inputs that are not supported by Enterprise Security version 6.4.0 or higher. Recreate these inputs as Threatlist inputs or remove if unnecessary.

Drill downing into the results of the deprecated inputs, I see the following:


Which I have found them to be in the DA-ESS-ThreatIntelligence/local/inputs.conf file and disabled them via making the 0s to 1s in the "disabled" field section under each input.

Do I have to completely remove/comment the inputs out? Why else would I still keep recieving alerts about it when it is disabled? Is there any where else I should be looking or changing for the deprecated intelligence inputs?


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Issue seems to have resolved itself after a server restart

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I was facing similar Problem and I had to comment the inputs (even though they were disabled). After commenting the inputs and restarting the Splunk service, issue was resolved, and the warning disappeared.

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+1 to that. Disabling inputs wasn't sufficient because theye were still defined albeit disabled. Had to comment them out completely.

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I am also receiving this type of error, but the inputs are necessary, so is there a way to resolve this without disabling them?

They are currently disabled in the same fashion listed above in @zekiramhi  post  ( 0  to 1 in the disabled fields) and still generating the error messages even after several server restarts.

Thanks in advance for any info.



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Issue seems to have resolved itself after a server restart

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