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Can I Upgrade Splunk Enterprise 8.1.0 with ES 6.0.0 installed?



I need upgrade my Splunk Cluster, my current versión is 7.3.2  and I need upgrade to 8.0.10, but we have Enterprise Security App version 6.0.0 installed, in the Compatibility Matrix it says ES 6.0. 0 is compatible with Splunk Enterprise 8.0.10, but the installs of 8.0.10 aren't on the website, the same matrix says that ES 6.2.0 is compatible with Splunk version 8.1.0, my questions are.

could be ES 6.0.0 compatible with Splunk Enterprise 8.1.0?

And,  where I can obtained the 8.0.10 version of Splunk? 

thank so much!

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You're not helping yourself much by going from one unsupported version to another, unless 8.0.10 is just a stop on the way to a supported version.

Splunk Support should be able to provide a link to the 8.0.10 download.

The tables at https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/VersionCompatibility/current/Matrix/CompatMatrix says ES 6.0.0 is not compatible with Splunk 8.1.0, but that doesn't necessarily mean it won't work.  It should be fine temporarily until you can upgrade ES to a supported version.

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