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CIM: event goes to node All_Changes instead of All_Changes.Endpoint_Changes



I want to see my data in the ES dashboard Security Domains -> Endpoint -> Endpoint Changes.

I created the following things:

props.conf with CIM compliant field aliases.


search = index=MyIndex sourcetype=MySourcetype




I can successfully search the events with tag=change and tag=endpoint. I can also successfully search the data with the data model constraint (`cim_Change_indexes`) tag=change NOT (object_category=file OR object_category=directory OR object_category=registry) tag=endpoint.

However, the dashboard stays empty. When I manually execute one of the dashboard searches | `tstats` append=T count from datamodel=Change.All_Changes where nodename="All_Changes.Endpoint_Changes" I get not results. When I change nodename="All_Changes.Endpoint_Changes"  to nodename="All_Changes" I see my events.

So the question is, what do I need to do to get my events in the node All_Changes.Endpoint_Changes?


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@dominikatvastli  - Perhaps this could help, to understand the dependency on the datamodel for each dashboard. https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/ES/6.6.0/Admin/Dashboardrequirements .  You normally don't need to include the index=MyIndex in your eventtypes.conf,  sourcetype alone will do, unless you want the index. Also, I assume the index is added to the Spunk_SA_CIM/local/macros.conf for cim_Change_indexes.

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Hello @dominikatvastli ,

Can you try with this instead:

| tstats allow_old_summaries=t append=T count from datamodel=Change.All_Changes where nodename="All_Changes.Endpoint_Changes"


Let me know if this helps.



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Thank you,
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