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Hi Everyone,

I am working on integrating DCIM logs into Splunk . All i have got is 2 mib files .

I have installed the snmp modular input in my heavy forwarder . when i followed the procedure from the documentation to convert the mib files to the .py . I Am facing issues running the below command.

$build-pysnmp-mib -o IMAP_NORTHBOUND_MIB-V1.py IMAP_NORTHBOUND_MIB-V1.mib
Empty input
smidump -k -f python IMAP_NORTHBOUND_MIB-V1.mib | /bin/libsmi2pysnmp fails
make sure you are using libsmi version > 0.4.5 (or svn)

]$ smidump -f python IMAP_NORTHBOUND_MIB-V1.txt | libsmi2pysnmp IMAP_NORTHBOUND_MIB-V1.py
smidump: cannot locate module `IMAP_NORTHBOUND_MIB-V1.txt'
SNMP MIB to pysnmp objects converter, version 0.1.3.
/bin/libsmi2pysnmp [--no-text]
smidump -f python
program output on stdin, generates python code on stdout.
The smidump tool is available at http://www.ibr.cs.tu-bs.de/projects/libsmi/
The --no-text option disables code generation for MIB text comments.

i have tried both the commands . All the snmp packages are installed properly as i confirmed with my linux admin .

I got stuck here .Please some expert on this could help .

TIA ,Nadhiya

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