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Getting error while adding ServiceNow incident through Splunk add-on: "Failed to create ticket..."



I am getting the following error while inserting the incident in ServiceNow through Splunk Add-On (while the connectivity between Splunk and ServiceNow is established, able to retrieve the incidents in Splunk)

command="snowincidentstream", Failed to create ticket. Return code is 400 (Bad Request). One of the possible causes of failure is absence of event management plugin or Splunk Integration plugin on the ServiceNow instance. To fix the issue install the plugin(s) on ServiceNow instance.


source="cpu_data_updated_1.csv" |where CPU___Usage >= 47|eval contact_type="email"
| eval account="splunk_snow_dev"
| eval contact_type="email"
| eval custom_fields="u_affected_user=nobody||u_caller_id=12345"
| eval ci_identifier=host
| eval priority=1 | eval category="Software"
| eval subcategory="database"
| eval short_description="CPU on ". host ." is at ". CPU___Usage
| table account, category, subcategory, short_description, contact_type, custom_fields, ci_identifier, priority |snowincidentstream


Getting this even after installing both the plugins and following the instructions in the link: - https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/AddOns/released/ServiceNow/ConfigureServiceNowtointegratewithS...


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When you go to ServiceNow, under "Installation Checklist":


Are the appropriate steps list as "Complete" under "Task Status"?

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