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I have a few questions about archiving in Splunk cloud. Specifically DDAA which needs to be purchased.

1. How long can data be archived?

I believe DDAA has a maximum of ten years?

2. How much data can be restored at a time?

I believe it's something like a maximum of two days worth at a time, and restored data will remain available for 30 days?

3. Is it possible to offboard from DDAA?

If we log a support ticket to have the data moved to an S3 bucket for example?


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Some answers here - https://www.splunk.com/en_us/blog/platform/dynamic-data-data-retention-options-in-splunk-cloud.html

"When you restore data using DDAA, a copy is available in your Splunk Cloud instance for 30 days, after which it is deleted automatically. "

Question remains though, am I capped with how much I can restore at a time? I'm assuming if I have 10 years of archived data, I can't just restore the whole 10 years worth.

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Hey blakem,

Did you manage to find out if you could move data from DDAA to a self-storage location in AWS, GCP etc.?

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