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I am new to Splunk Cloud but familiar with Splunk Enterprise. Just created an app from scratch manually on Splunk Cloud but I couldn't find a way to add a custom logo to the app. On Splunk Enterprise, I'd do this by adding the logo of specific resolutions  into the static directory of the app [$SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/appname/static/] . How do I achieve the same on Splunk Cloud? I obviously won't have SSH access to do that on splunk cloud instance so looking for an option on the Splunk Cloud UI to add a custom logo for my app, if there is any.

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You can create a new app as you create on the Splunk Enterprise and add the logo on the static folder. After that, you can ask for this app vetting to be installed on Splunk Cloud environment and then your app will be installed with your custom logo. I believe that it is not possible to add a custom logo to your app created directly on the Splunk Cloud UI.

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