login issues, username missing

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I set up my account on my device windows 10 in order to do the fundamentals course. Then when it came to installing splunk I started up Ubuntu on a virtual box(as I need to use splunk with this other project which I need to use Linux for). So then on Mozilla firefox I cannot log in it always says login error missing data you must provide a username. I tried this on firefox on another device and it worked so I know it seems like a firefox issue but it seems both firefox's have the same settings/config or I cannot tell the difference. Does anyone one know of some setting in Ubuntu's default version of Mozilla firefox that could cause this. Thanks. Also I noticed that in my firefox on Ubuntu I was not getting those I'm not a robot picture tests and click activations etc. But as far as I can tell javascript is enabled so I don't know what the problem could be. Can anyone help me with this?

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