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Why don't I see the install app from file under Apps like I am supposed to? I know my computer is hacked...Luckily, I have already captured Ip addresses through DOS...although long and exhausting...because they see my every move.

I'm sure that is why I have such a hard time with everything on here. I no longer can log in as admin. Apache has already flagged a request to change my password which was NOT me...During configuration last night everything just kept going poof! I have verified my email about 3 times before it was accepted. Does anyone have some advice?

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Hi Sonoma, sorry to hear about your issues!
Well the hacking is more of a local side issue to your system, something that you may wish to try to verify and deal with.

Regarding your Splunk related question has the App been located under /opt/splunk/etc/apps/APPNAME?
I will assume it is a *nix system if you are using Apache. Could you define the process "poof" in more detail?
Apache isn't used by Splunk so again this is likely to be a local system issue rather than anything Splunk related.


Yes. You need to get to a hospital, now.

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I stongly CONCUR!!

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