Using tokens in splunklib?



I'm writing a custom command that is supposed to do some actions on Splunk through its REST interface so I wanted to use the SDK.
However, I'm having problems authenticating with the session token. Here's the setup:

In commands.conf:

filename =
generating = true
maxinputs = 1
stderr_dest = message
passauth = true

The code (auth part):

import splunklib.client as client
import splunk.Intersplunk as si

settings = dict()
records = si.readResults(settings = settings, has_header = True)

sKey = settings['sessionKey']

service = client.connect(token=sKey)
a = service.apps["search"]
st = a.state()

And I don't get anything back.
If I change the client.connect call to use hardcoded credentials it works without any problems.
In Splunk I'm logged in as admin.

Any idea why I can't pass tokens like this to the Service class?

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Your configuration looks good. Assuming you've got a good session key client.connect should work. What value are you getting back from settings['sessionKey']?

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