Using apache ssl reverse proxy in front of splunk web 6.2.1?


So I have a config where I have a few web services running on the same machine, and I use httpd listening on 443 to distribute the requests. Httpd handles the SSL connection to/from the client, and uses regular http to talk to the locally-running services over lo.

I've also read every post I can find on this issue, and none of them have helped fix this.

Specifically, when I hit a splunk URL that generates a redirect, splunk attempts to redirect the browser using a document.location statement in the page itself:

document.location = "" + hashTag;\n

where "" is actually the correct FQDN. This fails b/c nothing is listening for http externally.

If I hit a splunk URL that doesn't generate a redirect, I get the page I was expecting.

Based on what I've read, here's my web.conf for splunk:

enableSplunkWebSSL = 0
httpport = 8800
root_endpoint = /splunk
tools.proxy.base =

And my httpd config:

SSLProxyEngine On
ProxyRequests Off
ProxyPreserveHost On
ProxyPass /splunk http://internal:8800/splunk
ProxyPassReverse /splunk http://internal:8800/splunk
Location /splunk>
Order allow,deny
Allow from all

where "internal" is the local machine hostname; and the Location block uses proper syntax (wikimarkup is breaking the opening '<' along with the newlines; the preview works fine, so what is that about?!?).

Based on everything I've read, this should work. So why does splunk still issue redirects back to the http:// URL?

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This is working for me (enable SSL for splunk and use ProxyPass with https):

Apache Config (using https):

ProxyPass  retry=60 timeout=300 ttl=600 flushwait=600

Splunks web.conf:

enableSplunkWebSSL = 1

privKeyPath = etc/auth/splunkweb/privkey.pem
caCertPath = etc/auth/splunkweb/cert.pem

supportSSLV3Only = False

I'd rather not have to encrypt/decrypt everything twice but at least it works..


Worked fine to me!

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I have the same problem here. Did you find how to make it work? Does anybody have an answer?

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