Unable to get SplunkWeb to use Port 80



  • Splunk 4.1.6 build 89596
  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • IIS not running - nothing bound to port 80

After I make the config change: $SPLUNK_HOME$\etc\system\local\web.conf contains:

enableSplunkWebSSL = 0
httpport = 80

Restart both Splunkd and Splunkweb.

Splunkweb remains bound to port 8000, and works fine there.

Please advise on how to get Splunkweb to use port 80.



Based on advice from Splunk support I first went to the command line:

> splunk show web-port
Web port: 80

This shows that the configuration is set correctly.

Next I restarted Splunk from the command line:

> splunk restart

After this completed Splunkweb was listening on port 80. Problem solved!

Reason this worked:

This was the first time Splunk was restarted from the command line. Up until then I had been restarting Splunkd and Splunkweb from the Services manager. I was doing that because restarting from the Web interface always got hung. This is probably a Windows restart issue that should be investigated.


Are you running splunk as an Administrator? If you're not I suspect that you wont be able to set the port to anything lower than 1024. (a windows thing, not really a splunk thing, except that maybe it's falling back to 8000 somehow.)

Are you able to set the port to 1025 successfully but not 1023 ? 9000?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

This is a restriction on Linux, but shouldn't matter on Windows.

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