SplunkWeb Broken UI



We have been experiencing broken UI on 3 of our nodes (DS, SHDep, & IDXCM; 2 screenshots below) and the rest seems to be fine. The Web UI is not showing web objects as normal, like the dropdown, apps, etc.

This is not an issue on serverclass.conf (as the message on the UI is saying) because running functionalities in the background / CLI seems to be fine. Attempts to fix this one include splunk restart splunkweb and splunk restart, the former fixes the issue but the problem goes back after 15-30 minutes of not being used. We've cleared the cache of the browser but also to no avail.

The version we're using is 6.5.2. Have you experienced the same? If so, how do we permanently fix this?

Thanks in advance.

alt text

alt text

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